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Jessica Green Joins chromatic black™ as Artistic Director

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ATLANTA, July 9, 2022 — chromatic black™ has announced that artist-activist, curator and creative placemaker Jessica Green will join chromatic black™ team as their artistic director, beginning the next chapter in the collective story. The appointment comes after an extensive national search. In her new role, Ms. Green will provide curatorial leadership of the annual Ida B. Wells Fund, as well as provide oversight for chromatic black™ educational programs and artist services and advocate for organizational sustainability.

“Jessica Green is chromatic black™. She is a radical thinker, trendsetter, and an effective community organizer,” says chromatic black™ Co-Founder, Abeni Bloodworth. “Her deep experience in creative place-making, community driven curatorial practice, writing, and multidisciplinary practices will be vital to how we continue to build cultural power, win transformative change and disrupt the master narrative.

chromatic black™ aims to reclaim STORY as a public common and disrupt the master narrative with good storytelling. This new role will lead the curation of groundbreaking work, artist development, and movement intelligence to help build cultural power.

In addition, Ms. Green will be essential for spearheading fundraising efforts to ensure continued investment in the fund. The Ida B. Wells Fund in particular, which Ms. Green will manage, is rooted in the understanding that building an equitable society is a creative act.

“I am excited to be joining an organization focused on building cultural power,” says Jessica Green, artistic director, chromatic black™. “Now more than ever, it is of vital importance that we continue to seed equitable models to support diasporic artistry: models that are not only inclusive but liberatory.”

The Ida B. Wells Fund honors the legacy of a trailblazing American investigative journalist, educator and early civil rights leader who chronicled the horrific violence against African-Americans during the era of lynching.

The Ida B Wells Fund provides a total of $250,000 in grants to aspiring Black artists in 34 artistics disciplines – filmmaking, visual and performing artists, literature, technology, multidisciplinary practices, investigative journalism – to create groundbreaking, socially engaged new work.

“We are thrilled to have Jessica join the chromatic black™ family. Her impact in the community has been prolific. I am looking forward to collaborating with her as we scaffold new work for the national canon,” said chromatic black™ Co-Founder, Angela Harmon.

Visit Ida B Wells Fund for more information.

About chromatic black™

chromatic black™ is a collective of 10,000+ Black artists – activists across a spectrum of creative disciplines. We are storytellers and we use our artistic platforms – art, education, film, television, live and digital entertainment – to bring about cultural change.

chromatic black™ provides a forum for artists to gather in-person and virtually to discuss the ways in which the creative sector might help mediate change and navigate the challenges of equity and racial injustice across an intersection of issue areas, hold change and collectively build cultural power.

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